OL1800 Locker

Constructed from polyethylene. Will not
dent or rust. Resists knocks and bumps. No
moving parts to maintain.
Resistant to cleaning solvents. Graffiti,
chewing, gum or stickers can be removed
without affecting the integrity of the
Single door unit. Suppled with sloping top,
base, shelf and hanging rail. Features a 3
way locking system. Resists being cut or
jimmied open. Optional padlocks available

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Width: 370mm
Depth: 500mm
Height: 2000mm

Keep Your Tools Safe With Plastic Lockers 

When storing small farming tools, you need a long-lasting, heavy-duty and secure storage locker. The traditional lockers are prone to break-ins or corrosion, and eventually, you have to replace them. Invest in sturdy and weather-resistant plastic lockers to keep your belongings safe. 

If you are searching for the best-quality plastic lockers in Melbourne, FSP Australia has the best solution for you. 

Globally Recognised Plastic Locker Manufacturers 

A globally reputed brand, FSP Australia delivers high-density polyethylene plastic lockers for the agricultural industry. With their unparalleled quality and durability, our lockers offer secure storage solutions at a price that fits your budget. 

From storing farming tools to your work gear, these lockers keep your belongings safe from any theft attempts. 

Invest in Corrosion-Resistant Plastic Lockers 

Constructed from high-density polyethylene, our lockers don’t form dents or bumps. Moreover, there are no hinges or joints, so they resist any attempts to be cut or jimmied open. These single door units are equipped with a sloping top, base, shelf and hanging rail. So, whether you want to keep the pesticide sprayer or hang your waterproof trousers, these lockers are perfect for all your needs. 

In addition, our lockers are fitted with a three-way locking system which means they are highly secure. You can store your belongings without any worries of theft, vandalism or break-ins. 

 In addition, these UV stable lockers are resistant to the damaging effects of harsh weather conditions, corrosive chemicals and water. They last for years even if used outdoors. 

If you are looking for high-quality, heavy-duty, weather-resistant tool lockers in Australia, contact FSP Australia. Call us on 1300 847 901 or drop us an email at sales@fspaustralia.com.au.