Tool Lockers

Our tool locker storage unit is designed to
provide robust storage for a wide range of
tools and equipment. Featuring a one piece
rotationally moulded polyethylene construction
gives the product impact durability and fantastic
UV protection. The internal stainless steel shelf
framing provides additional storage, the tool
locker has padlock-able doors. This unit is easy
to move and relocate.
Our tool locker storage unit has the ability to be
configured to your needs. Contact us for your
specific customisation requirements

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Tool Locker 2300
Product Code: OLTL2300
Size: 1100mm W x 930mm D x 2060mm H
Total Height Including Hood: 300mm

For tool trolleys, vacuum cleaners and
roll cabinets
Easy wheel in / wheel out
Slide out shelf

3 way locking
Polyethylene construction
Can be configured to your requirements

Store Expensive Tools in a Secure Tool Locker 

Farming tools are becoming better and more technologically advanced. It’s essential to store them in a secure space and protect them from any attempt of vandalism or theft. Traditional barns might not serve this purpose effectively. It is recommended to install a durable, strong and heavy-duty tool locker. 

If you are searching for the best quality tool lockers in Australia, contact FSP Australia. 

Durable Tool Lockers by Leading Manufacturers 

FSP Australia is a leading tool locker manufacturer with over two decades of experience in the plastic industry. Using advanced technology, we manufacture tool lockers to provide robust storage for a wide range of tools and equipment. From storing small farming tools to heavy trolleys, these lockers are secure and deter any attempts of theft. 

UV Stable and Weather Resistant Tool Lockers in Australia 

Featuring a one-piece rotationally moulded construction, our lockers offer unrivalled impact resistance and durability against routine wear and tear. In addition, our UV stable lockers are ideal for outdoor purposes as they don’t break, crack or split when exposed to harsh Australian weather conditions. 

The internal stainless steel shelves provide extra storage facilities even for large tools. Moreover, FSP’s lockers come with padlocks which effectively deter any attempts of theft or break-ins. 

The rotationally moulded one-piece construction of our lockers offers a wide range of options for customisation. Depending on your unique requirements, you can configure the lockers according to your needs. 

If you are looking for high-quality, heavy-duty and weather-resistant tool lockers in Australia, contact FSP Australia. Call us on 1300 847 901 or drop us an email at