Rotationally Moulded, Heavy-Duty Water Tanks for Motorhomes

If you are new to the nomadic lifestyle of caravans, RVs, and motorhomes or are just out camping, you will be surprised to learn how many water tanks are required to keep you going. From carrying freshwater to helping you store your waste until you find the right place to dispose of it, you can end up carrying hundreds of litres of water altogether.

Stainless steel and fibreglass tanks used earlier are now outdated. Equip your motorhomes with strong, durable, and hygienic plastic tanks.

Algae Resistant, Leak Proof Polyethylene OZ WATER TANKS®

FSP Oz Products’s OZ WATER TANKS® are made as a single unit from rotationally moulded polyethylene. The one-piece construction ensures there are no joints or weak points, eliminating the possibility of leakages. OZ WATER TANKS® are manufactured in compliance with the Australian standard AS 2070 food grade/AS 4020 for drinking water and are also FEA certified.

Our UV-stabilised tanks are built to withstand the harsh Australian sun and are algae-resistant too. While our standard tanks are available in four capacities, you can get in touch with our experts to manufacture a custom tank to suit your specific requirements.

Get an OZ WATER TANKS® in the size and shape suitable for your motorhome, and you’ll always have access to water on the road.

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