Weather Resistant, Custom Water Tanks for UTEs

UTEs are much more than the rides of just farmers and tradespeople. UTEs are one of the most practical solutions for folk that love road-tripping, have large families, or enjoy skiing or surfing.

As you pack up all the items you need before heading out for your road trip or camping adventure, why not add a custom water tub or water tank for your UTE? Make sure you have the most up-to-date option with a UV-stabilised, heavy-duty polyethylene tank for your UTE that will keep water fresh and clean while also being durable enough to last through years worth of trips.

Heavy Duty, Rotationally Moulded Polyethylene OZ WATER TANKS®

OZ WATER TANKS® are made from rotationally moulded polyethylene as a one-piece construction, making them inherently leak-proof. Our UV-stabilised tanks can withstand the harsh Australian sun for years. Additionally, they also exclude light, inhibiting algae growth.

Manufactured in compliance with the Australian standard AS 2070 food grade/AS 4020 for drinking water, OZ WATER TANKS® are FEA certified. Available in three standard capacities, 1500, 3000, and 5000 litres you can also get in touch with our expert to build a custom tank designed to suit your specific requirements.

Never drive your UTE across Australia without access to fresh water ever again. Purchase OZ WATER TANKS® in the size and shape you need and have access to water wherever you go.

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