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Fire Safety

The oil and gas industry plays a significant role as one of the determinants of a strong economy. However, working in this sector exposes the workers to a range of potentially dangerous situations. Workers in the oil and gas industry often face risks such as flash fires and explosions due to leakage of combustible gases.  

Exposure to such perilous conditions can result in devastating burns, loss of limbs or even death. With the risk of fire accidents being immensely high, industry stakeholders rely on high-quality, heavy-duty fire safety equipment.

Why Having Different Types of Fire Safety Equipment is Important for the Oil and Gas Sector? 

There is a diverse range of fire safety equipment specifically designed for the dangerous working conditions associated with gas/oil exploration, drilling, refining, production and transportation. 

Impermeable to harsh weather conditions and abrasive chemicals, HDPE fire safety equipment fits the unique requirements of the oil and gas industry. Whether it’s fire extinguisher cabinets or hose reels, this heavy-duty fire safety equipment is UV stabilised and resistant to any kind of temperature fluctuations.

Which are the Different Types of Fire Equipment and Their Uses?

Here we have listed some of the crucial fire safety equipment that plays an important role in risk mitigation: 

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets 

Fire extinguishers serve as the first line of defence against any fire accident. This means it is crucial to store them in a safe place and away from the source of ignition. In addition, keeping the extinguisher away from weather elements such as harsh UV rays, torrential rains or sub-zero temperatures is crucial. This ensures that the extinguisher functions without any glitches in emergencies.

Heavy-duty and UV stable fire extinguisher cabinets are crucial to protect the extinguishers against any attempts of theft, vandalism or weather conditions. Additionally, these cabinets make it easy to access the extinguishers when needed. Our range of high-quality and robust plastic cabinets are durable, corrosion-resistant and come with extended warranties. These cabinets also come with a fitted step to elevate the extinguisher, allowing for quick access during a sudden fire outbreak. 

Fire Hose Reels 

Substandard and poor quality hose reels can result in premature ruptures, abrasion, tangling and kinking. This hampers the performance of hose reels during an emergency. In addition, a fire hose lying on the ground increases the risk of entanglement in machinery or mechanical parts. The high-quality and robust plastic structure of hose reels offer unsurpassed durability, making them suitable for rough working conditions within the oil and gas industry. This high quality also ensures uninterrupted and high flow rates of water/fire suppressants, making it easy to prevent any fatalities on site. In addition, hose reels mitigate the chances of people tripping over cables. 

Fire Safety Signage 

Safety signs are essential in a potentially hazardous workplace like the oil and gas industry. The primary purpose of safety signage is to prevent any casualties and ensure workers get out of the building in the case of a fire outbreak. These signs are designed to give a clear indication for exit routes when the premises gets engulfed in thick smoke. Safety signage is used to delineate the probable risky areas and alert workers to stay away from any danger. High-end plastic makes these signs UV stable and gives endurance against harsh on-site working conditions. The safety signs are made according to the safety standards of the Australian authorities. 

If you are looking for heavy-duty, long-lasting and world-class quality fire safety equipment for your organisation, contact FSP Oz Products today. We are a world-renowned brand specialising in manufacturing high-quality fire safety equipment. Call on 1300 847 901 or drop us an email at sales@fspozproducts.com.au.

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