Secure & Reliable Fire Safety Equipment Across Australia

Ensuring the highest levels of safety is paramount in any commercial, residential, or industrial environment. With FSP Oz Products, you access a robust line of fire protection tools and safety products crafted to offer safety and peace of mind.

Our extensive range of state-of-the-art fire safety equipmentand accessories stands out for its heavy-duty resilience and advanced technological integration. With over two decades of experience, we can equip you with the latest technology in fire protection, making us a leading supplier of fire safety productsin Australia.

Our Industry-Leading Fire Safety Products

At FSP Oz Products, we offer superior fire suppression products such as fire extinguishers, hose reels, brackets, and covers that are high-grade and user-friendly for clients across Brisbane and beyond.

All our fire protection products are optimised for longevity, reliability and are fully compliant with all relevant regulations and Australian Standards. These durable products facilitate rapid fire response, helping to enhance safety for lives and minimising the chance of damage to property.

    • UV Protection and Robust Quality Guaranteed

Our commitment to quality is evident in our products’ UV stability and resistance to rust, corrosion, and abrasion. We have continuously improved our manufacturing processes to ensure we always deliver the best, a testament to our innovation in fire safety products in the Australia market.

Designed for diverse Australian environments, our products withstand the test of time and extreme conditions, making them ideal as your go-to fire safety products in Brisbane and all over Australia.

We use world-class technology to manufacture fire accessories able to withstand the stressors of challenging operational conditions. Our cable reels and fire extinguisher cabinets promise performance when it truly matters.

    • Ensuring Easy & Rapid Access

In an emergency, immediate access to fire safety equipment is crucial. Our easy-to-use locking cabinets and covers are designed to shield essential fire safety tools from environmental damage without compromising swift access.

The fire extinguisher cabinets prevent mishandling while ensuring equipment is visible and accessible when seconds count. Likewise, our fire extinguisher covers protect against dust and debris while allowing quick emergency retrieval.

    • Staying Grounded

Safety doesn’t end with secure storage. We ensure your fire extinguishers remain steadfastly in place, helping to prevent injuries or damage from unstable equipment. Our wall-mounted options offer secure housing, guarding against accidents by ensuring operational integrity.

Trusted Across the Continent

As a reliable supplier of fire safety products throughout the continent, we are at the forefront of offering tailor-made fire safety solutions to various industries, ensuring the utmost protection for employees and clients.

With our cutting-edge selection of fire safety equipment from FSP Oz Products, safeguarding your establishment has never been easier. Durability, ease of access, and leading technology converge to form the ultimate shield against fire-related dangers.

Explore our extensive range of products and secure your advanced fire safety solutions today

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