UV Stable & Rust-proof Fire Safety Cabinets Manufacturer

With our advanced engineering capabilities and two decades of extensive experience, we manufacture premium grade, UV stable and rust-proof fire safety cabinets. FSP Australia designs high quality polyethylene fire extinguisher cabinets featuring a sight glass for easy gauge inspection. Additionally, these cabinets are available with options of locking and non-locking handles. The storage units come with a fitted step to assist with the quick removal of the extinguisher during an emergency.

FSP Australia is one of the leading and reputed manufacturers of fire cabinets to store hose reels. Featuring a robust hardware bracket and galvanised hose hanger, our cabinets are perfect to keep the hose reel safe and remain untangled. Additionally, the internal hardware brackets are customisable, allowing you to make changes in the dimensions to fit the equipment. It comes with a concealed space for anti-tamper seals and a corrosion resistant surface ensures super durability.