Fire Hose Reel Trolley

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers​

Fire Hose Reels are located strategically so as to provide access to putting out a fire with water. In addition to red fire hose reels, FSP Australia can manufacture reels in different colours suitable for wash down bays and air reels.

 A Hose Reel is used to wind up the hose for storage. This means the hose is easily unwound and organised so as to prevent kinks and to keep the hose reel in good condition.

FSP hose reels suit 36metres x 19mm hose or 50metres x 19mm. As FSP are a manufacturer, hose reels in other sizes, and other hose lengths can be accommodated upon request.

Water fire hose reels can be used on class A fires, that is, fires of wood, paper and other flammable solids. These are most commonly used on mine sites, factories, warehouses etc

Fire hose reels should be installed by an approved installer.

There should always be a permanent supply of water to the shut off valve so that when the valve is opened it releases the nozzle from the interlock and this supplies water to the nozzle.

Fire hose reels must be located as per a certifier and/or relevant building codes.

Access to fire hose reels should not be obstructed in any way.