Mining Products Manufacturer in Australia

Welcome To FSP Australia, Your Number One Mining Products Manufacturer

From being a small mining equipment manufacturing company, FSP Australia today is a leading global brand when it comes to heavy-duty polyethylene mining products.

FSP’s engine cover was established from a safety requirement to protect the drivers in the event of a fire. Our innovated mindset of a focus on safety and durability has grown the company into what it is today.

FSP’s innovative approach to problem-solving, and its ability to design and manufacture products that focus on safety and durability have enabled the company to grow into the respected market leader that now has a global supply capacity.

FSP products grew from the mining industry with the first product in 1996 – an upgrade of ‘engine covers’ for Caterpillar Mining trucks across Australia.

FSP Australia has a rich 26-year history in manufacturing, repairing and designing of a huge variety of mining equipment. As a company, we offer you services and products that are of the highest standards at extremely competitive rates. Our products have been well accepted in the market for the last 26 years, and we currently supply major mining groups right across Australia .

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