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OzLoka® Lockers – Durable Plastic Lockers That Are Built To Last!

FSP Oz Products is proud to offer the OzLoka® locker range, an updated range of high-density polyethylene lockers for stable and secure storage solutions that have been used by Australian schools and workplaces since 1994.

Built to Last

OzLoka® lockers resist heavy impacts, harsh weather conditions and corrosive elements, making them incredibly durable.

Why are Plastic Lockers Better Compared to Other Options?

Design and functionality are the two most important factors when it comes to lockers. Plastic lockers have advantages in both regards when compared to wooden and metal lockers. Plastic lockers never rust or corrode, as metal lockers can.

OzLoka® plastic lockers are dent and scratch resistant and maintain their original look for a long time. Their durability also means they cost less to maintain than other types of lockers.

OzLoka® lockers are manufactured using advanced technology to ensure they maintain optimum performance for years. These ultra-modern lockers are designed to provide comprehensive storage solutions across various sectors, from schools, universities, and colleges to offices, hospitals, and industrial units.

OzLoka® lockers are available in a range of configurations, making them highly versatile for different types of storage requirements.

Lockers Configuration and Storage Solutions

As the leading manufacturer of lockers in Australia, we provide quality storage solutions within your budget. OzLoka® lockers are available in various configurations. Whether you are looking for wardrobe lockers, narrow lockers, pigeon lockers, or you need vented lockers, tool lockers, or phone lockers, we have you covered.

These lockers are suitable for all types of educational, commercial, and industrial facilities. From storing uniforms and musical instruments to keeping mobile phones and other valuables safe, the OzLoka® lockers add convenience and streamline operations.

Keyless and Keyed Locking Options for Enhanced Safety

Along with functionality and styling, the locking system is a crucial element of locker design. Our lockers are adaptable to a range of locking systems. You can choose from various keyless and keyed locking options. We provide locking options such as:

  • Padlocks
  • Coin Locks
  • Combination Locks
  • Digital Locks

We provide stylish, functional, and cost-effective locking solutions to meet your safety needs in the best possible way. Whether you are looking for digital locks for your office lockers or need padlocks for school lockers, we deliver the required safety with suitable locking options.

Locker Design and Customisation

As the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty plastic lockers in Australia, FSP Oz Products provides end-to-end solutions for your storage needs. We provide custom lockers to help you create a convenient and functional locker room in your facility.

Custom Sizes and Colours

We offer locker bodies in six different sizes, from small lockers to store valuables and mobile phones to large lockers for storing tools. Additionally, you can select the height of your lockers.

Our lockers are available in different heights, ranging from 250 mm to 1930 mm. You can also select from our 25 colours to fit your school or workplace decor.

Locker Accessories and Add-Ons

These industrial-grade lockers are designed to accommodate extra accessories easily. The lockers are lightweight, come fully assembled and are easy to install. You can select the accessories according to your requirements. We provide the following additional accessories for OzLoka® lockers:

  • Shelves
  • Sloping tops
  • Clothes hook
  • Nameplates
  • Kicker base
  • Rail hook
  • USB charging port

Benefits of Lockers

OzLoka® lockers are preferred by many organisations across the country and internationally. They are made using advanced manufacturing technology and provide affordable and reliable storage solutions. Some of the benefits of lockers are:

Coloured Lockers and Doors

Our lockers are available in various colours to help create a stylish and vibrant locker room.

Minimal Maintenance

These plastic lockers are easy to clean and maintain optimum functionality for many years.

Neat Appearance

Compared to other locker options currently available, OzLoka® lockers have a neat and stylish appearance and will help keep your premises looking tidy.

UV Resistant

The lockers are resistant to water and UV sun damage and can be used outdoors.

Excellent Warranty on All Our Lockers

OzLoka® lockers come with a 15 years manufacturer’s warranty. We will gladly accept the return of any lockers that do not meet our quality assurance.

Locker Maintenance and Cleaning

The qualities that make high-quality lockers nonporous and impermeable also make them resistant to dirt and marks from paints, making them easy to clean and maintain. You can wash the lockers using mild soap or detergent, then rinse them with clean water. For better longevity, avoid contact with heavy heat sources.

Please get in touch with us today to find out more about the customisation solutions or to become a reseller or distributor of our lockers in Australia.

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