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How to Have Office Lockers That Lasts Longer?

Loud, sharp edged and grey metal lockers have been a choice for office storage units. However, these lockers are susceptible to the impacts of humidity and oxidation. Eventually, all this adds to extra and unwanted maintenance and expenditure.

Replace the old-fashioned lockers with a more contemporary and zero-maintenance plastic office lockers.

Here’s How to Save Money on Locker Maintenance

With a multipurpose and heavy-duty storage solution, you can run your business efficiently, along with making it clutter free!

FSP Australia is a reputed brand and specialises in designing and manufacturing a large array of colorful, modular and custom-made polyethylene (plastic) staff lockers.

Unlike its traditional counterparts, these lockers are long lasting and endurance against external factors like humidity, salt, air and water. This makes them virtually maintenance free, which helps you save dollars and time annually.

Our exclusive variety of staff room lockers can be custom made to accommodate the exclusive requirements of various industries. So, whether you require lockers for a school, a retail store, a fitness club or a large corporate office, our array of options that ticks all the check-boxes.

Cost-Effective and Long Lasting Employees Lockers

Unlike the conventional metal and wood lockers, plastic lockers are engineered to last for years. Made from the high density HDPE, these lockers are sturdy and have great endurance, are resistant to corrosion, abrasion and dents. Moreover, with 25 solid colours to choose from, you won’t require to repaint them, meaning savings for your maintenance budget.

These rotationally moulded lockers are less prone to wear and tear, they last for years, even in harsh climatic conditions. Maintenance and replacement costs are reduced, making plastic lockers a better one-time investment.

Our 15-year warranty gives you that insurance that your storage for personal items of your staff is taken care of.

Practical Storage Solutions for Every Industry

It’s normal for an office to get messy and go into a state of complete disarray in absence of proper storage solution. Available in diverse sizes, 25 different colours and multiple configurations, these storage units offer a practical solution to keep your work-place in order. Moreover, with our advanced and super secured locker loop systems, these lockers are like fortified structures where any attempt at theft and vandalism occurs.

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