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Stop wasting money on short term lockers purchases

When you think about locker rooms, the first image that starts floating in your head is that of systemically lined-up metal lockers. A relatively inexpensive and fairly durable option, these lockers have always been a long standing choice among several organisations.

However, the seemingly low cost benefits are short term! Over time, metal lockers demand regular maintenance and attention. This eventually translates into added long term expenditure and maintenance cost.

While metal is a durable material, it is susceptible to bends, dents, rust and other blemishes. This is why many organisations – from schools to gyms – purchase heavy duty HDPE plastic lockers.

FSP Australia is one of the forerunners and a trusted name when it comes to designing and manufacturing premium-quality and long lasting plastic lockers.

Engineered to last for years, our range of plastic storage lockers combine innovation and sustainability. This guarantees unsurpassed quality and outstanding durability.

Incorporating advanced engineering and style, our storage units address the ever changing requirements of your organisation.

Unlike the plastic lockers, metal lockers are vulnerable to humidity and moisture resulting in a quick oxidation process. Hence, just after a few years you can see rust on the metal storage units. This damage interferes with the functionality of the locker. This results in spending a large amount on its repair, annually. Besides, a rusty locker isn’t a pleasant thing to look at and you have to get it repainted every other year! All this adds to the maintenance costs which makes these lockers a costly investment.

Our broad range of storage solutions are made from HDPE Plastic, hence they are resilient to the detrimental effects of oxidation.

This means you can bid a goodbye to filthy and rusty lockers and save hundreds of dollars spent on their maintenance.

Our range of plastic lockers for sale come with with over 25 colours. Thus, you get unlimited customisation options. Our array of lockers are tailored to complement your architectural space.