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Reggie Posts® – 100% Recyclable AND Organic PVC Trellis Posts for Agriculture

FSP Australia is a distributor of unique alternatives if you were thinking of buying steel or wooden posts.

Our heavy duty, highly durable and long lasting Reggie Posts® can be used for a large variety of agricultural including trellising for wineries, salt water oyster farming and many other purposes. Made from PVC and 100%  recycled polyethylene, our Reggie posts are UV stabilised and don’t break easily when bent. Moreover they are trimmer friendly and enable efficient harvesting of more crops around the posts due to their extreme flexibility. The range of Reggie Posts are available in light colours which means they will reflect the light, encouraging better growth for crops.

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Patent: WO 2020/019021



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Durable and Heavy Duty Vineyard Trellis Posts

The use of trellis posts has been standard practice on farms for years. Vineyard trellis posts support better growth in the plants and keep them free from disease. Moreover, trellis posts allow efficient use of space, enabling you to get good yields.

However, finding the right supplier of high-quality vineyard trellis in Australia can be daunting. If you are looking for durable and heavy-duty trellis posts for your farm, contact FSP Australia today.

We are a reputed brand when it comes to manufacturing and distributing unique alternatives to traditional posts.

Reggie Posts® – Functional and New-Generation Trellis Posts in Australia 

Our wide range of Australian made, UV stable and corrosion-resistant Reggie Posts® are perfect for agricultural farms and saltwater oyster farms. Our lightweight but heavy-duty polyethylene trellis posts offer a better alternative to metal posts.

The easy to assemble, UV stable, rust-resistant and durable trellis posts are available in light and reflective colours. This encourages better growth for crops. These posts are also trimmer friendly and enable efficient harvesting around them due to their flexibility.

Get The Best Vineyard Trellis Supplies Across Australia

FSP Australia is a leading supplier of Reggie Posts® for vineyards and large horticulture and agriculture farms. The raw material used in our Reggie Posts® makes them suitable for food contact. The posts don’t contain any plasticisers or heavy metals, making them good for organic farming practices.

We use rotational moulding and provide better customisation options, and thus are able to meet your requirements perfectly. In addition, these UV stable products are resistant to the corrosive effects of water, salt, harsh sun rays or harmful chemicals.

If you are looking for high-quality, heavy-duty and weather-resistant trellis posts in Australia, contact FSP Australia. Call us on 1300 847 901 or drop us an email at

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The default height for Reggie Posts® are 2.4m however other heights are available on request.

Reggie Posts® ship in pallets of 100.
Singles available for pick up.