Safety Barrier

Easy to transport—Lightweight

Constructed of high density polyethylene, UV
stable, resists corrosive elements, lightweight –
total weight of 18kg—allows handling by one person.

Join together

Barrier may be joined into a variety of configurations, locks
together via a locking loop on each end


Supplied with plastic swivel feet.
Units may be stacked onto a pallet for
transportation or against a wall for storage.
Excellent barrier for delineation or denying
pedestrian access to work areas.
Solar Flashing Light can be mounted to centre of
Safety Barrier.

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  • Uv stable
  • Pinnable to the Ground
  • Lock together
  • Stackable
  • The Safety Barrier is a unique product in many ways.


Built to last

The high-density polyethylene, allows for long life and comes with a 15-year Guarantee.

Fade Resistant

Often used for crowd control the UV protection of the polyethylene plastic means the colour won’t fade,and allows for long lasting “bright” appearance.

Additional information

Weight 18 kg


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