FSP Solar Beacons are:

  • Dust Proof
  • Light Sensitive
  • Solar Powered
  • Easy to mount
  • Available in 5 colours (Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Red)
  • Run for an excess of 12 hours
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Made from premium quality polyethylene, FSP Australia solar beacons are ideal for delineation and safety purposes at potentially hazardous worksites. Using our 20 years of extensive experience, we design and manufacture dust proof, light sensitive and solar powered beacons for effortless identification of many perilous zones. Our superior quality solar beacons can run for 12 hours at a stretch and are easy to fix on the safety signs, rooftop ids, safety barrier and traffic cones.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Safety barriers are used to define boundaries or to prevent access to certain area’s.

FSP have two types of barriers. One is the Safety barrier – These barriers lock together via a loop on each end and also have swivel feet for easy stacking when not in use. The other is the Dirtbag barrier which  locks together and has an external cavity in which sand or dirt can be easily loaded to add extra weight in high wind area. This type of barrier is easily stacked within themselves and maximises the amount of barriers that can be loaded onto a pallet. Unlike water filled barriers which cannot be interlocked in stacking.

Both the Safety barrier and Dirtbag barrier are common for different applications.

The barriers are made form UV stabilised heavy duty polyethylene making them strong and durable.

The Safety barrier is W:2000mm x D:90mm x H:1200mm with plastic swivel feet. The Dirtbag barrier is W:1145mm x D: 570mm x H: 700mm without sign and 1000mm with sign.