Buy Forklift Safety Barriers to Avoid Mishaps at the Warehouse

Pedestrians, racking, machinery and other equipment are at risk when a forklift is operating in the vicinity. Safety barriers in the working environment can be useful to reduce the risk of workplace accidents.

Well-designed and tested safety barriers can absorb low-level impact from forklifts, order pickers, walkie stackers, pallet jacks, and other types of warehouse vehicles without being damaged.

If you are a warehouse manager or owner looking for forklift barriers that meet the needs of your warehouse, FSP Oz Products’s forklift safety barrier is a great option.

Weatherproof, Stackable Forklift Safety Barriers

With extensive experience of over two decades, FSP Oz Products specialises in manufacturing high-density weather-resistant forklift protection barriers that can be stacked compactly, saving valuable space. They are a standard pallet size in length, so two stacks can fit onto a pallet.

Made of heavy-duty HDPE polyethylene plastic, our forklift barrier range includes foldable signage, flat stands, PVC red banners, break-down warning triangles and much more.

Our FSP dirt bag barriers are innovative barriers that can be stabilised with a variety of materials when water is unavailable. These barriers weigh 11 kg each and can be easily handled by one person. In addition, they are:

  • Guaranteed for 15 years
  • UV stable
  • Corrosion & Water Resistant
  • Lightweight

If you need waterproof safety barriers to provide safer surroundings to your employees, call us at 1300 847 901 or drop us an email at

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