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Find the superior range of vehicle safety products in Australia

An emergency can occur anytime when you are travelling the road. Keeping vehicle safety products in the car or any other vehicle is essential to ensure that you are prepared in an emergency during your journey. FSP Oz Products offers excellent quality plastic products for vehicle safety. If you want vehicle safety products that are durable, resistant to rust, corrosion and abrasions, and UV stable, you can find them at FSP Oz Products.

Since its inception over two decades ago, FSP Oz Products has been manufacturing and designing excellent quality products for the safety industry. We use best-in-class manufacturing techniques to produce the highest quality products.

Our Collection of vehicle safety accessories

As vehicles are constantly evolving with technological advancements, FSP’s innovators bring you advanced safety products.

FSP Oz Products’s exclusive range of high-grade products includes various vehicle safety parts suitable for heavy-duty and light vehicles.

Our safety range includes:

  • Heavy-duty Plastic Wheel Chock:

    Suitable for cars, caravans, light trucks, 4WDs and more, this chock stops your vehicle from rolling while it is parked on slopes.

  • Wheel Motor Covers:

    This motor cover with 4-fastening clamps makes the vehicle’s behaviour more in tune with the steering. The fibreglass motor cover with a polycarbonate lid has vented sides and a quick-release button for the inspection panel.

  • Wheel Nut Indicators:

    Available in an extensive range of sizes and extended shanks, these indicators are designed to visually identify any movement of the wheel nut and excessive heating of the hub.

  • Pallet Loading Angel:

    This product eliminates cargo damage, keeping the cargo tight and secure. It also features ridges for extra grip on the load.

  • Safety Flags:

    Suited for civil and mining sites, our range of vehicle safety flags is designed with user-friendly features to improve the visibility of heavy machinery and vehicles.

If you are facing difficulties finding vehicle safety flags and products across Australia, contact us today to get the right product for your needs.

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