UV Stabilised Water Trough

Product Code: MWTTROUH

1000 ltr cattle/horse trough
1420mm x 680mm

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Highly Durable and UV-resistant Plastic Water Troughs

For Long Term Water Storage

1000 litre Cattle/Horse Trough
1420mm W x 680mm H

  • Brass inlet
  • BSP ID 1inch
  • BSP OD 1&1/4
  • Recessed under tank for protection
  • Internal pipe work
  • 1 1/2” BSP
  • Stainless steel float arm
  • Stainless steel seat
  • UV stable
  • Product Code MWTTROUH

FSP Australia offers a wide range of agricultural products to make daily operations more convenient and effective. We have carefully designed plastic water troughs that allow you to store drinking water in large quantities for livestock. This long-term water storage solution eliminates the need for frequent refilling of the troughs.. 

Our plastic water troughs for livestock are lightweight and easy to move, giving you a better tactical grazing experience. You can use these water troughs at different locations according to your requirements. With our water troughs, you can also set up strategic water points where needed around your property.

Superior Quality Water Troughs for Cattle:

Our superior quality water troughs for cattle are made using the highest quality materials, offering excellent durability. They have brass inlets recessed under the tank for protecting internal pipe work. They come with a stainless steel float arm and stainless steel seat. The Polly float cover is UV stabilised and lasts for years.. The 1000 litre cattle/horse trough comes in a 1420mm x 680mm size, which is ideal for meeting the water requirements of large numbers of livestock. It has a robust design and is easy to clean and maintain. The water trough does not rust and is resistant to ongoing wear and tear. 

Round Water Troughs for Sale at Affordable Prices:

Our premium range of agriculture products comes with an excellent warranty. We provide comprehensive solutions for your ongoing agricultural requirements with our products. Our water troughs for horses and sheep are available at competitive prices.

Our advanced range of agriculture products includes water tanks, Reggie posts, star pickets, post and rail fences, and more to help you run smooth agricultural operations. 

If you are looking for high-quality plastic water troughs for livestock or other agriculture products in Australia, contact FSP Australia. Call us on 1300 847 901 or drop us an email at sales@fspaustralia.com.au.