Invest in The Best-Quality Wheel Chocks in Australia and Prevent Accidents

Chocks play a crucial role in securing the wheels in the place and prevent the vehicle from rolling away. FSP Oz Products is one of the top and trusted names when it comes to manufacturing of high-density polyethylene wheel chocks. These chocks are one-piece construction moulded polyethylene and injected with polyurethane. Lightweight and UV resistant, FSP Oz Products wheel chocks are oil and water-resistant and easy to maneuver.

With heavy farm equipment, tractors and vehicles, accidents are quite common. Farms are vulnerable to incidents such as collisions or crushing injuries which can put the workers’ lives in danger. It is essential to have proper wheel chocks to prevent vehicles or equipment from moving and keep them securely in place.

If you are searching for heavy-duty and best-quality wheel chocks, contact FSP Australia.

Explore a Range of Durable and Weather-Resistant Wheel Chocks 

FSP Oz Products has gained a reputation as a leading wheel chock manufacturer in Australia. With over two decades of experience, we deliver a wide range of wheel chocks available in different sizes and configurations.

Our wheel chocks are one-piece construction, moulded from polyethylene and injected with polyurethane. As a result, these chocks can withstand wear and tear owing to their lightweight and UV stable properties. When exposed to sun or high temperatures, these chocks won’t crack, split or break. Additionally, they are resistant to the damaging impacts of humidity, moisture, salt, water, air, oil and temperature fluctuations.

With sturdy rubber feet, our chocks provide additional tyre grip to vehicles and heavy farming equipment parked on a steep or slippery slope.

If you are looking for high-quality, heavy-duty and weather-resistant wheel chock brackets in Australia, contact FSP Oz Products. Call us on 1300 847 901 or drop us an email at

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