Heavy-Duty Plastic Wheel Chocks for Trucks in Australia

Designed to keep a vehicle from rolling backward or forward while parked idle, or while parked for maintenance, unloading or loading, these wheel chocks for trucks are commonly used in the commercial trucking industry. This relatively inexpensive piece of equipment can ensure the safety of those working around the vehicle.

Also called trailer chocks or trailer wheel chocks, these truck wheel chocks are manufactured in a variety of styles to suit a range of trailer types and tyre sizes. If you are looking for sturdy plastic wheel chocks for trucks in Australia, contact FSP Oz Products.

Why Choose FSP Oz Products’s Oz Choks®?

Established in 1994, FSP Oz Products is a leading designer, manufacturer, and supplier of a large variety of high-quality, recyclable, robust plastics across Australia.

Available in standard colours of yellow and black, FSP Oz Products’s Oz Choks® wheel chocks stand for safety and accident prevention. We also offer different colour wheel chock options if requested.

Our heavy-duty wheel chocks with rubber feet are also:

  • UV-Resistant
  • Lighter than Metal
  • Fully Injection Moulded
  • Corrosion & Rust-resistant

These advantages ensure Oz Choks® wheel chocks for trucks are a worthwhile investment for your safety. The traction pads in the wheel chocks are fitted with quick-fitting and release-locking mechanisms, making Oz Choks® safer to use. Our Oz Choks® are widely used in agriculture, airport, civil, fire safety, marine, and mining industries.

To understand the precautions to be taken while using our standard OzChoks®, Read this

Call us at 1300 847 901 or drop us an email at sales@fspaustralia.com.au to purchase wheel chocks appropriate for your truck.

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