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Keeping intruders like wild animals away from the garden is one of the most pressing problems for homeowners and farmers. One of the most effective ways to avoid such encounters is to have the right kind of fence. A high-quality, UV stabilised and weather-resistant fence offers reliable, long-term and around-the-clock protection. 

In order to ensure that fences serve their purpose, choosing the right fence for your horticulture business or home is essential. While traditional fences may have that classic appeal, they have a much shorter lifespan. They require constant maintenance and replacement, making them an impractical and expensive choice over the long term. 

If you’re seeking a one-time fencing solution, high-end polyethylene plastic fences are the ultimate choice. Here are some of the features of our plastic fences and how they can the best solution for a horticulturist: 

1. Heavy-Duty and Durable Fencing Solution 

As opposed to traditionally used fence materials, high-quality plastic fences are durable and are resistant to the detrimental impacts of harsh weather conditions. These fences are designed and developed using the best innovation in the industry giving you long term and low-maintenance solutions. These fences are easy to assemble and have modular components enabling full customisation for fence construction. 

2. Better Damage Resistance 

The quality of your fence is also determined by its resistance to damage. Traditionally used materials are vulnerable to wear and tear caused by several factors. Apart from weather conditions like snow, rain or heat, fences can be damaged by timmers and other sharp gardening tools. High-quality polyethylene plastic fences are more effective than other materials because they are trimmer safe and don’t easily bend or dent, straightening back to their upright position if knocked over.

3. Aesthetic

Our fences not only add privacy and security but also offer a great look with their high-end finish! With so many customisations, you are sure to find an option that perfectly complements your surrounding areas and property. Additionally, plastic fences are resistant to mould and termites and are not required to be painted, which means the appearance remains the same for years to come. 

If you are a homeowner and are seeking low-maintenance and UV stable plastic fences that look great, get in touch with FSP Oz Products

We are a reputed brand with a range of high-end and premium grade Australian made plastic products. Call  1300 847 901 today. 

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