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Keep Your Site Safe With FSP’s Heavy-Duty Safety Barriers

Working in the mining industry comes with numerous risks and hazards. Proper demarcation and safety instructions can be the difference between life and death. Safety barriers are a fantastic tool to limit access to specific areas, cordon off heavy machinery, and create and highlight safe site access.

Explore FSP Oz Products’s range of plastic safety barrier products that are heavy-duty, UV Stabilised, and highly durable. Investing in the right products can ensure the safety of your workforce and help minimise the chance of accidents.

UV Stabilised Safety Barriers For Your Site

Whether you are dealing with excavation sites, heavy machinery or hazardous chemicals, some areas of the site need limited access and security. Setting up safety barriers, cones, or solar beacons can help to manage such sites.

Through decades of innovation, FSP Oz Products has come up with lightweight products that even a single person can carry to different spots on the site. FSP’s products are built from high-density polyethylene, which means they are UV stabilised, extremely durable and come with a 15-Year Guarantee.

Why Choose FSP’s Plastic Safety Barrier Products?

If you are looking for safety barrier products, FSP Oz Products can be your one-stop solution. Polyethylene plastic is the perfect material for any product that needs a durable, long-lasting finish. Your barrier won’t fade like paint does and ensures an extended bright appearance.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Handle Even For One Person
  • UV Stable
  • Resists Corrosive Elements
  • Can Be Stacked To Save Valuable Space
  • Can Be Interlocked to Form Lengths Required
  • Optional Signs Available For Increased Visibility
  • Can Be Paired Up With Other Products
  • Available In Bright Colours For High Visibility
  • Standard Pallet Size In Length

In addition to hazardous work environments, safety barriers are also required for crowd control and management purposes. Whatever your organisation’s requirements, get in touch with us to explore FSP’s cost-effective, long-lasting plastic safety barrier solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Safety barriers are used to define boundaries or to prevent access to certain areas.
FSP Australia has two types of barriers. One is the Safety Barrier – these barriers lock together via a loop on each end and also have swivel feet for easy stacking when not in use. The other is the Dirtbag Barrier which locks together and has an external cavity in which sand or dirt can be easily loaded to add extra weight in high wind areas. This type of barrier is easily stacked within themselves and maximises the amount of barriers that can be loaded onto a pallet, unlike water filled barriers which cannot be interlocked in stacking.
Both the Safety Barrier and Dirtbag Barrier are common for different applications.
The barriers are made form UV stabilised heavy duty polyethylene making them strong and durable.
The Safety Barrier is W:2000mm x D:90mm x H:1200mm with plastic swivel feet. The Dirtbag barrier is W:1145mm x D: 570mm x H: 700mm without the sign and 1000mm with the sign.
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