Sturdy Set of Wheel Chocks Keep Your Boat Trailer Secure and in Place

Ensure your boat’s safety before launching it onto the water. Owning a boat can come with a hefty price tag. Before donning your sailor’s hat, you need to take on the responsibilities of being the captain of your boat.

A sturdy set of wheel chocks are essential items of equipment required to help you get your boat to and from the water and to store it safely on your trailer.

Water-resistant, Heavy Duty OZ CHOKS®

FSP Oz Products’s rotationally moulded heavy-duty OZ CHOKS® make the perfect addition to your collection of essential safety equipment that keeps your boat trailer safe.

Oz Choks® are constructed as a single unit. Made from 100% polyethylene, these boat trailer chocks are light in weight but are tougher than the rest. Additionally, no matter how much time they spend in the sun, they won’t crack or split due to UV stabilisation.

These wheel chocks are a worthwhile investment.

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